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August 3, 2020

Complete your Lost Jewelry #Necklace Collection for #MadamNazar with this #Collector Farming Guide to locations of All Necklace during Cycle 3 for $335 money and how to level up fast as Collector. DAY refers to the SERVER’s time, starts and ends at 7PM Eastern or 12AM GMT or UTC +00 “NOT your timezone.”

How To PLAY Red Dead Redemption 2 USE Creator Tag: “SIXBURN”

Where to find the Lost Jewelry Bracelets? All LOCATIONS found.
0:25 Dane Topaz Necklace
1:15 Richelieu Amethyst Necklace
2:16 Blakely Miniature Necklace
2:46 Pelle Pearl Necklace
3:36 Gosselin White Gold Necklace
4:48 Rou Pearl Necklace
5:40 Braxton Amethyst Necklace
6:26 Tuamotu Pearl Necklace
7:33 Ainsworth Cross Necklace
8:19 How much for the complete set?

*NOTE: Due to the “Moonshiner update”, some of the locations have changed including the cycles and days.

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