Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Full Game Walkthrough Part 1 Longplay (PS4, XBOX One, PC)

July 27, 2020

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This video is recorded and edited by me. This is my walkthrough of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 for PS4 Pro. My playthrough includes full story mode walkthrough, all cutscenes and boss fights. This game is available for XB1 and PC as well.

Go behind enemy lines with the ultimate modern military shooter. Choose your missions across an unforgiven open world.
Stay low and leave no traces in this third game of the tactical shooter franchise. Set in a modern day conflict based in Eastern Europe, players in Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will be thrust into the role of a sniper caught between three warring factions, played out in a realistic and immersive environment. Dig deep into the Ghost Warrior DNA as you choose between taking out your targets up close or from a distance, while at the same time focusing on your survival through evasion and stealth. Non-linear, sandbox-style gameplay on large open-ended maps gives players the flexibility to play and replay the missions in a number of different ways. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will offer intriguing challenges for tactically-minded gamers, while still remaining accessible to first-person shooter fans.


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  • The story is nice. I just bought contracts maybe I'll get this to. gg's

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  • this game is so underrated, who wants to play some stealthy missions with me? I’m on xbox!

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