UNCHARTED 3: Drake's Deception · All Cutscenes / Cinematics | Nathan Drake Collection PS4

August 3, 2020

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception all cutscenes / cinematics. A compilation of all the remastered cutscenes (60fps) in Nathan Drake’s third adventure from The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4. Enjoy the videos? Hit the ❤【LIKE】❤ button ! It’s your way to help support this channel!
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Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception Description:
Two years after Uncharted 2 Among Thieves — a search for the fabled “Atlantis of the Sands” propels fortune hunter Nathan Drake on a trek into the heart of the Arabian Desert. When the terrible secrets of this lost city are unearthed, Drake’s quest descends into a desperate bid for survival that strains the limits of his endurance and forces him to confront his deepest fears.

Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Directors: Amy Hennig
Writers: Amy Hennig
Composer: Greg Edmonson
Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Release date: October 9, 2015
Genre: Third-person shooter, action-adventure, platform
Mode: Single-player

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